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Russia: Gaza Conflict Exposes Western Double Standards

Mon 13 Nov 2023 | 06:08 PM
Israa Farhan

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has brought to light the double standards of Western nations, according to Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Polyanskiy stated that Western countries have been reluctant to use accurate terms to describe Israel's actions, revealing their unwillingness to discuss or condemn Israel's actions in the region.

Polyanskiy emphasized that the current conflict in Gaza has exposed the double standards of Western nations, particularly their hesitancy to address and condemn Israel's actions.

He pointed out that they even shy away from using accurate terminology when it comes to Israeli actions.

The conflict, which began over a month ago with the "Operation Al-Aqsa Tempest" carried out by the Palestinian group Hamas, saw the capture of Israeli soldiers and settlers in communities bordering the Gaza Strip.

In response, Israel initiated "Operation Guardian of the Walls," launching intensive airstrikes on Gaza. These strikes resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilian casualties, with a majority being children, according to the United Nations.

The crisis in Gaza has worsened due to the cutoff of water, electricity, and fuel supplies, as well as significant restrictions on humanitarian aid entry. This dire situation has transformed the Gaza Strip into a real humanitarian tragedy.