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Remembering Sanaa Gamil on Her Birth Anniv.

Sun 28 Apr 2024 | 09:55 AM
Ahmed Emam

Today (April 28) marks the birth anniversary of legendary actress Sanaa Gamil. In a career spanning over four decades, she was known for her portrayals of women in challenging situations and appeared in a range of genres, from epic dramas to light comedy.

Born as Thoraya Atallah in Al-Minya governorate on 27 April 1930, she graduated from the Art Institute in Cairo, where she met her monitor the well-known director Zaki Talimat, they became best friends since then.

Throughout her long-standing career, Gamil featured in dozens of great Arab films, such as (My Father Deceived Me -1951) directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar, (A Window Overlooking Paradise -1953) by Ahmed Diaa-Eldin, (April’s Fool -1954) by Mohamed Abdel-Gawad, and (Shame on You -1953) directed by Essa Karama, starring Ismail Yassin.

The late actress shot to fame when she appeared in “The Beginning and End” as Nefisa. However, it was her pairing with Soaad Hossni in 1967 in "The Second Wife" that established her into stardom in Egyptian cinema as a strong woman.

In 1988 her career peaked with Gamil Rateb, a powerful social drama where she played an illiterate woman, who was very rich and acted as a woman of indomitable substance.

She later starred in several teleplays and continued his successful journey as a versatile television star with her tremendous performances in 'Saken Asuady' alongside Khairaya Ahmed, Omar El-Hariri, and Mohamed Reda.

"In fact, she was extremely careful about her projects," her husband the renowned Egyptian journalist Luis Grees said.

The late actress, who is regarded as one of the most loved celebrities in Egypt’s showbiz died of lung cancer 16 years ago on December 22. Throughout her career as an actress, Gamil touched more lives than he will ever know.

Even after her death, she will continue to leave an impact on people all over the Arab world.