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Remembering Mohsen Sarhan on His Death Anniv.

Wed 07 Feb 2024 | 11:27 AM
Ahmed Emam

Today (Feb. 7) marks the death anniversary of the great artist Mohsen Sarhan. He was widely regarded as one of the most important artists of his generation because of his rich history in Egyptian cinema. 

Sarhan was born in Port Said Governorate in 1916, and he moved to Cairo with his father. After completing his studies and obtaining a baccalaureate degree, he was appointed to the Ministry of Agriculture.

During his work in the Ministry of Agriculture, Sarhan practiced boxing, which caught the attention of a number of directors because of his strong physical structure. He joined the amateur team to present many plays, until he obtained a certificate as a professional artist in 1944, after finishing his studies in free arts in theater and cinema.

Sarhan presented many artworks, beginning his artistic career in the 1950s and continuing it until the 1990s. He collaborated with a number of stars, including Laila Murad, Tahia Carioca, Madiha Yousry, Faten Hamama, Amina Rizk, and other artists of that time.

Sarhan appeared in a number of important cinematic works, including Long Live the Women, The Beach of Love, You Have a Day, O Unjust, Forbidden Happiness, Magda, The Virgin and the Scorpion. 

The late actor won several awards throughout his career, including the Medal of the Republic in 1964 and the Golden Certificate of Appreciation from the Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics for Pioneering in the Art of Acting in 1983. He also won the Television Shield in 1985. 

He continued in cinematic work until the end, albeit with small roles that almost reached for one scene. Just before his death, he presented the movie A Woman on the Verge of Falling with Yusra, The Circle of Death with Samah Anwar, and The Troubles and the Captain with Athar Al-Hakim. His works reached approximately 119 works in which he presented various roles between romance, comedy, and drama.

He was married to Samiha Ayoub, fondly known as "Arab Theatre's Leading Lady".