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Remembering Ezzat El-Alaili on His 3rd Death Anniv.

Mon 05 Feb 2024 | 06:19 PM
Ahmed Emam

Today (February 5) marks the 3rd death anniversary of the legendary actor Ezzat El-Alaili. El-Alaili enriched the entertainment industry with his artistic works, which will remain immortal forever in the public's minds and hearts. 

He presented these works over the course of his 58-year artistic career.

El-Alaili was born on September 15, 1934, in the "Bab Ash Shariyah" district of Cairo. He received his bachelor's degree from the Higher Institute of Theater Studies in 1960.

The late actor was passionate about acting since childhood and was keen to start his artistic career at a young age. However, the death of his father halted his plans and he began his career as a television producer.

In 1962, he starred in his first film "Letter from an Unknown Woman", which was followed by numerous cinema and television productions.

He is well known for his seminal works such as : "Ben ElKasrin", "Alans W Algin", "Al-Tareek Ela Eilat", "Al-Mowaten Masry", "Awaded El Hareb", "El Akwiaa", "Ghurabaa", "Alard", "Al Abraa", and "Azraa W Talat Regal".

He also featured in several stage productions including “Dimaa a’la Malabis al-Sahra”, and “Ahlan ya Bakwat”.

He earned numerous awards including the Sharjah International Book Fair and a lifetime achievement award from the Dubai International Film Festival in 2015.

El Alaili is survived by his two children, Mahmoud and Ragaa.