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Ramez Galal Finishes Shooting Film, “Haykal Nazami”

Fri 24 Jul 2020 | 09:18 AM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actor Ramez Galal has finished shooting his new film, "Haykal Nazami" (An organizational structure), starring Ghada Adel.

The film's production got suspended in February due to the coronavirus outbreak s well as due to the cast being busy with filming their Ramadan series, who resumed filming last month.

"Haykal Nazami" is written by Loay Al-Sayed, and directed by Mahmoud Karim.

The film witnesses the first collaboration between Galal and Adel after 15 years. They collaborated for the first time in 2001 film “55 Esaaf”.

They had made their last artistic cooperation in 2005 film “Eyal Habiba” co-starring Hassan Hosny, Hamada Helal, Mohamed Lotfy, and others.

"Haykal Nazami" also witness the third consecutive collaboration between Karim and Galal, after they collaborated in the film "Savage Raghda" and "Sab'e Alboromba".

[caption id="attachment_118796" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Ramez Galal Ramez Galal[/caption]

It is worth mentioning that Galal, born on 20 April 1973, is an Egyptian actor, and prankster. He is the son of the theater director Galal Tawfik and the younger brother of the star Yasser Galal.

Galal graduated from the institute for dramatic arts, the acting and directing department, and served his military service afterward, then returned to acting.

Along with his acting career, the actor is best known for his prank shows which is aired every year in Ramadan. He has pranked famous Egyptian people and international stars such as Paris Hilton, Steven Seagal, and Shah Rukh Khan.

Galal has hosted a prank show every Ramadan over the past seven years, which is popular between the youngsters, pre-teens, and half the population of the Arab world.

The shows are held under a different theme and name every year, which always scared the jeepers out of his celebrity guests’, letting them believe that they have been kidnapped by extremists, or trapped inside the elevator with a lion in front of them.

Every year, the show is always leaving the viewers’ contemplating whether Galal has gone too far, as he adds the level a notch as if to tell his critics that he would not stop, as he cannot let his loyal viewers down.

[caption id="attachment_121834" align="aligncenter" width="1566"] "Ramez Majnoun Rasmi" Poster[/caption]

He presented his latest prank show, “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi”, which was screened on a several MBC owned channels, topped the viewership rates since the first days of its premiere, where it ranked first in the audience size viewership across different platforms in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, and Qatar.

It also ranked third in the UAE, Algeria, and fourth in Morocco among the programs and series screened in Ramadan.

He has a fair share of admirers posting hearts and thumbs-ups, but just as many people, officials, and public figures criticize it and find it tasteless.

This year, the prank show features the guests being strapped into a confession chair and asked a series of questions as well as subjected to humiliating situations that border on torture.

[caption id="attachment_100604" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Ghada Adel Ghada Adel[/caption]

The first episode of the new season featured Adel, who believed that she was on a talk show hosted by Yemeni singer and television host, Arwa.

The viewers watched Adel as she arrived at the location and agreed to be strapped to the “confession chair”, which she was told will determine whether she is telling the truth or not.

The scenes are narrated with Galal’s snarky commentary from behind-the-scenes.

Then, Adel was presented with a series of celebrity pictures, including Egyptian stars Amir Karara and Yasmine Sabri, and asked what she thinks of them, the last picture is of Galal, which features him looking “spooky” and “creepy”, while Adel collected her thoughts about him, he breaks out of the picture with a bull horn.

That is when things take an ugly turn as he started spraying Adel’s hair and faces with spray paint, which was followed by the confession chair turning into a rollercoaster and sends her flying around the set.

Galal then placed her in a tank full of crabs, throws snakes at her, and made her sing “Ramez Galal is a YouTube star” while threatening her to do his binding as if she were his hostage.

The entire affair is uncomfortable and unforgivably cringeworthy to watch, between his taunts and glee at playing the role of a torturer, Galal revealed that he will not back down.