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Palestine Urges Global Intervention to Halt Israeli Aggressions in Gaza Hospitals

Mon 25 Mar 2024 | 11:44 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) has called on the international community, including global institutions and parliaments, to urgently intervene and stop the Israeli occupation's crimes against hospitals in the Gaza Strip. 

In a statement released today by the Wafa news agency, PNC President Rawhi Fattouh highlighted the grave atrocities committed by the Israeli military in these medical facilities, branding them as deliberate targets.

Fattouh described these actions as reflective of a "Nazi-like terror occupation" intent on further genocidal and ethnic cleansing crimes, tarnishing the global conscience that professes to uphold democracy and human rights.

Fattouh pointed out that the massacres and displacement of people in Gaza, coupled with their denied access to healthcare and the systematic depopulation of Gaza City, are aimed at obliterating life's traces through the destruction of infrastructure, health, and educational facilities, and the ongoing extermination of Gaza's inhabitants in an unprecedented war.

Prime Minister of Palestine, Mohammad Shtayyeh, expressed hope that the United Nations Security Council would unanimously pass the resolution to be voted on later today to halt the Israeli aggression in Gaza and facilitate aid delivery. 

Shtayyeh urged the United States to refrain from vetoing the resolution and to stop its military and financial support to Israel, highlighting the need to end the double standards.

Shtayyeh remarked, "I hope that all member states will rise to the occasion in face of the bloodshed in Gaza and hold Israel accountable for complying with the resolution." He emphasized the complicity of those standing with Israel in its crimes.

Questioning the extent of Israel's violence, Shtayyeh lamented the death toll of over 32,000 people and more than 72,000 injuries, predominantly women and children, caused by Israeli forces. He criticized the displacement of over 1.6 million individuals and the destruction of over 360,000 housing units. 

Shtayyeh also noted the grim reality of a waterway pier in Gaza, built from the rubble of demolished buildings, entombing the bodies of martyrs once buried under the debris.