Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Pakistan Accuses India of Sophisticated Assassination Campaign

Fri 26 Jan 2024 | 12:01 AM

Pakistan's Foreign Secretary has publicly accused India of conducting extra-judicial and extra-territorial assassinations in Pakistan. The Foreign Secretary, in a statement, revealed credible evidence implicating Indian agents in the assassination of two Pakistani nationals within Pakistan's borders.

This revelation exposes a complex and alarming Indian campaign, utilizing technology and international networks to orchestrate these killings. The Foreign Secretary detailed how Indian agents actively recruited and financed individuals, including terrorists and civilians, to execute these assassinations.

The two specific cases cited involve the assassinations of Shahid Latif in Sialkot and Muhammad Riaz in Rawalakot. Investigations revealed the involvement of Indian agents Yogesh Kumar and Ashok Kumar Anand, who coordinated these operations from abroad. Payments, recruitment, and guidance for these assassinations were conducted via social media platforms, with the perpetrators receiving direct instructions and resources to carry out these attacks.

The Foreign Secretary emphasized that these incidents are not isolated but part of a larger pattern of Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan and globally. The orchestrated nature of these killings indicates an increased level of sophistication in such operations.

The Pakistani government views these acts as blatant violations of its sovereignty and a breach of international law, as stated in the UN Charter. The Foreign Secretary urged the international community to hold India accountable for these transgressions and to recognize the threat posed by such actions to global peace and security.

This development underscores the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan and raises serious concerns about the use of extra-judicial methods in conflict resolution. The Foreign Secretary's statement is a call to action for international justice systems and governments to address these violations and ensure accountability for such serious crimes.