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Over 6000 German Army Meetings Leaked Online

Sun 05 May 2024 | 05:18 PM
Israa Farhan

The German news site "Zeit Online" reported on Saturday that a significant data breach allowed access to information related to at least six thousand meetings of the German army on the "Webex" platform dedicated to video conferencing.

This comes two months after leaks regarding a secret military meeting via the same tool.

During an investigation conducted by the news outlet, it was possible to access the name of the person directing invitations to crucial meetings of the German army via "Webex," along with other details such as the time and date.

The website noted that "more than six thousand online meetings" could be found, some of which were classified as secret, discussing topics including long-range "Taurus" missiles demanded by Ukraine or the "digital battle arena."

Moreover, it was easy to identify virtual meeting rooms designated for members of the German army, totaling 248,000 individuals, due to the poor electronic design lacking even password protection.

The site mentioned that among other things, the digital meeting room for the commander of the German Air Force, Ingo Gerhartz, was discovered.

Gerhartz's name was mentioned in March when a secret conversation between high-ranking officers in the German army was leaked.

Gerhartz was among the military personnel alleged not to have used the required encrypted line on "Webex." The interception of this conversation by Russian intelligence agencies led to a scandal in Germany, putting the country in an embarrassing position before its allies.

According to "Zeit Online," the German army only became aware of the security breach after journalists raised questions. 

A spokesperson for the German army confirmed to Agence France-Presse that there was a vulnerability in the army's "Webex" sites, but once detected, corrective measures were implemented within 24 hours.