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MPs Discuss Ways to Shelter Stray Dogs, Regulate Possession of Dangerous Animals

Wed 29 Mar 2023 | 01:51 AM
Taarek Refaat

The Agriculture, Irrigation and Animal Wealth Committee in the House of Representatives approved, during its meeting Tuesday a draft law regulating the possession of dangerous animals and dogs.

Ibrahim El-Deeb, a member of the committee said that the law rejected the possession of dangerous animals, in light of the discussion of the draft law regulating the possession of dangerous animals.

Al-Deeb added, in a call-in on one the Egyptian TV channels, that the committee requested explanatory tables for all dangerous animals so that they could not be allowed to be raised indoors, or entered into Egypt in the first place.

He continued, "Possession of dangerous animals is punishable by law, and this makes people think a lot before breeding them, and we also discussed establishing shelters for stray dogs in the streets."

"We completely prevented the killing of animals, and we prevented the decision to import poison that is used to kill animals, and we always seek to come up with a law that keeps pace with the times, solves problems, and rectifies problems with time."

It could be a project that represents the beginning of a strategy that puts a comprehensive solution to the problems of stray animals and the spread of dogs, which represent a phenomenon that does not exist in the capitals of the world, by establishing shelter centers, providing them with medical care while improving their breeds and achieving an economic return, and adopting the experiences of many foreign countries in dealing with the phenomenon of street dogs.

The draft law includes procedures for regulating the possession of dangerous animals and the acquisition of dogs, according to which it is prohibited to trade or possess dangerous animals without a license and face severe penalties, and to prevent breeding dogs without a license and that the age of the breeder is not less than 16 years, and the new draft law obliges owners of ferocious dogs to muzzle, with restrictions With a suitable necklace when taken outside the boundaries of its quarters.

A number of penalties were also regulated in the articles of the draft law, and a penalty of imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years and a fine not exceeding 200,000 pounds is imposed on anyone who possesses a dangerous dog without a license, and whoever uses a dangerous animal or dog to assault a human being is punished with 5 years imprisonment, and life imprisonment if the assault results in death.