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Movement is a blessing

Sat 11 May 2024 | 03:46 PM
Elham Aboul Fateh
Elham Aboul Fateh
Elham Aboul Fateh

In the past, they said, “there is blessing in movement.” These days, a civil society organization decided to revive this slogan by holding a “rally” entitled “Movement is a Blessing.”

The rally is dedicated to the elderly  over fifty years old, those who have devoted their lives to their children and are in need of care and attention. My friend Dr. Hanaa Al-Hilali, Professor of Economics, invited me to participate with them.

I was not able to participate because I was too busy. Well, I am writing this due to the circumstances of publishing the article before the “rally” was held, but I liked the idea itself, and it deserves encouragement, as walking is one of the best things that anyone can do, especially the elderly, as it strengthens the muscles, prevents weight gain, reduces the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and colon cancer, and treats anxiety and depression. It also provides them with hope in life, and renews their activity. My greetings to Dina El-Sherbiny, who came up with the idea, and I hope that this great sport, along with cycling, will spread in Egypt.

Months ago, I wrote about the cycling project and its importance as a sport and a mean of transportation. The project returned to Cairo Governorate again after it had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but it returned without planning. The bike lanes had disappeared and there were no preparations in the streets for this sport, which is spreading in all countries of the world. As for bicycle racing, the President of the Republic participates in them and encourages this sport constantly. I hope that the Maryland Rally will be a new beginning for the sport of walking.

 I hope that the large, wide main roads that link Egypt to the north, south, east and west, such as the ring road and the new wonderful axes, will have design to help organize these “rallies,” and that the sidewalks will be lowered for pedestrians instead of the great height that makes pedestrians jump to go up or down the sidewalk as if we were in a circus, in addition to the shops and vendors that exploit it. I also hope that all civil associations in the governorates will participate in sponsoring it so that it will continue and spread and benefit from the road network.

Walking is a popular sport for all ages and all cultures. It only requires preparation and rehabilitation of internal streets and sidewalks to suit bicycle lanes. This is the same problem that we may face in the case of “rallying.” We do not find in the modern roads, with all their breadth, smoothness, and spread, any indication that we thought about such “rallying.” 

I express my appreciation once again to the people who are behind this idea, and my best wishes to the contestants and all those who believe that there is a blessing in the movement.