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Mohamed Henedy-Led “Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon“ Poster Revealed

Fri 09 Dec 2022 | 09:46 AM
“Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon“ Poster
“Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon“ Poster
Yara Sameh

Veteran Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedy shared Thursday on Facebook the official trailer for his upcoming film “Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon“.

It also stars Nour, Mohamed Salam, Rahma Ahmed, Mahmoud Hafez, Hagag Abdel Azim, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Diaa Al-Marghani, Mohamed Al-Sawy, Madeleine Tabar, and Shema Al-Sharif.

Director Khaled Marei is helming the film from a script by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mahrez.

“Nabil El Gameel“ is set to premiere on December 28.

“Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon“ Poster

Henedy, born in February 1965 in the district of Giza, earned his bachelor’s degree from the Cinema Institute in 1991.

He began his career acting in the play “Doctor Za’attar” and in the television series “A’la Asl Dawar,” “Al A’rdahalgy”, and “Al Bakheel wa Ana”.

Henedy is one of the most prominent stars in Egypt and the Middle East in the last 20 years, during which he starred in many popular films including, “Ismailia Rayeh Gay”, “Sa’eedi in the American University”, “Hamam fi Amsterdam”, “Gana El Bian El Taly”, “Askar fi el-muaskar”, “Fool el Seen el Azeem”, “Wesh Egram”, and “Ramadan Mabrouk Abul-Alamein Hamouda”.