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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

  Ministry of Irrigation Denies Fake Reports on Renaissance Dam  

Fri 17 Jan 2020 | 03:57 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources issued a statement to squash unrestrictive reports that appeared on some media sites.

Those reports contain misinformation about the last round of the Renaissance Dam negotiations in Washington and the final statement issued by the end of meetings.

That statement dealt with many important points that had been previously discussed at the Washington meeting on December 9.

The representatives of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia met in the US capital to negotiate topics related to the quantities of water that would be stored behind the Ethiopian dam,  the period of the filling.

The filling will be in accordance with the river's hydrology which means that it depends on the flood amounts which change from year to another.

However, this concept does not depend on the number of years of the filling and specific quantities held behind the dam each year, but rather on the river's hydrology and the state of the annual flood.

The statement issued by the  Egyptian ministry dealt with the first filling phase at a fast rate, running turbines to generate energy, which achieves the main objective of the dam without a significant negative impact on the downstream countries.

The dam contributes to providing energy for the Ethiopian people.

The representatives of the three countries set definitions to describe the drought and the prolonged drought.

Ethiopia is committed to taking all measures to mitigate the effects of filling the dam.

More details will be discussed within the framework of the consultations throughout the next two weeks.

The ministry’s statement pointed out that there are many important technical and legal points which will be discussed later this month in a new round of negotiations held in Washington.

Those points comprise cooperation in operating rules, mechanisms of application those rules of operating and the quantities of water released by Ethiopia to both Egypt and Sudan according to the various cases.

The three countries will discuss a mechanism of dispute settlement to solve any unexpected problems.

The next meeting represents great importance to attain consent on all outstanding matters and reaching a comprehensive agreement.

The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources denies the fake reports that spread a lot of confusion

Those reports claimed that Egypt came under pressure to waive some of her demands. But those claims are contrary to the truth.

The ministry calls on the media to investigate accuracy. The official statements issued by the ministry and ones made by its official spokesman should be the main reference to the information in order to inform the public correctly and to reveal the truth.