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Kuwaiti TV Presenter Fajr Al-Saeed Prevented from Entering Lebanon

Fri 09 Jun 2023 | 06:37 AM
Taarek Refaat

The Kuwaiti journalist and TV presenter Fajr Al-Saeed was prevented from entering Lebanon upon her arrival at Beirut International Airport.

The TV presenter remained until the morning detained by the Lebanese General Security until her return to Kuwait.

 صدر عن #مكتب_شؤون_الإعلام #البيان التالي:

Al-Saeed wrote in a tweet on “Twitter”: “I have been at Beirut airport for five hours.  Until now, I am waiting for any plane to take me back to my country, because I am forbidden to enter Lebanon. They turned out to be sensitive.”

In another tweet, she referred to her participation in a Lebanese TV program in which she spoke about "Hezbollah".

She also published a video in which she talked about what happened with her at Beirut airport, revealing that she is permanently banned from entering Lebanon, and that she will be deported to her country.

She added, "What happened does not mean that I do not love the Lebanese people .. but you know the circumstances of Lebanon and who is the decision-maker, and the issue is purely political, and because of my political views and my intolerance of the other opinion."