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Jordan: TikTok Services Still Suspended in Kingdom

Sun 15 Jan 2023 | 11:48 PM
Israa Farhan

The Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in Jordan, Ahmad Al-Hanandeh, said there is nothing new about restoring the services of the TikTok platform to work in the Kingdom.

The Jordanian “Kheberni” website quoted Al-Hanandeh as saying that no communication had been received from the cybercrime unit to the ministry, stating that the platform’s services, which were suspended about 30 days ago, have returned to work.

The Cybercrime Unit announced, in official statements about a month ago, that the platform “did not deal with the misuse of the platform by its users, whether by glorifying and spreading acts of violence or calls for chaos, and therefore its services in the Kingdom have been temporarily suspended."

Minister of Government Communication, Faisal Shboul, mentioned in previous statements that there is a tendency to pass a law to regulate the work of social networking platforms in coordination with the League of Arab States.

He indicated that a technical legal dialogue is taking place these days to return the work of the application in Jordan according to the conditions.

TikTok platform services in Jordan continue to be suspended, for the 31st day in a row, after a notification from the Public Security Directorate to stop the application, due to videos described as “inciting violence.”

However, Jordanians bypass the ban through the VPN. 

On its part, TikTok Company said that creativity and innovation are instrumental tools for economic growth and sustainable development. At TikTok, we pride ourselves on building a community that is actively contributing to the creative ecosystem globally. We are also proud of our community in Jordan which has been inspiring creativity in different aspects whether it's science, education or sports. 354 million views from Jordan to our #LearnonTiktok hashtag and 138 million views of #Booktok is a testament to the creativity of this community.

We are also committed to keeping TikTok a safe and positive environment for our global community. We continue to improve and update our safety policies and tools, and our teams will continue to take appropriate actions against content that violates our Community Guidelines. Our Community Guidelines enforcement report shows that we aggressively and proactively take down violent content in Jordan. According to our latest report, a total of 310,724 videos were removed in Jordan of which 86.6% were removed before receiving any views.

We have faith that through our ongoing conversations with the authorities, we can arrive at a resolution that would allow TikTok to continue serving the millions of users in Jordan who have found a home for creative expression on our platform.