Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Japan Joins Western Countries in Halting Funding for UNRWA

Mon 29 Jan 2024 | 05:55 PM
Ahmed Emam

Japan has joined some Western Countries in halting funding for the UNRWA in Gaza over allegations that some UN workers were involved in the 7 October Hamas attack in southern Israel.

In a statement, Japan’s foreign press secretary Kobayashi Maki said: “Japan is extremely concerned about the alleged involvement of UNRWA staff members in the Hamas' attack on Israel on October 7.

“In response, Japan has decided to suspend additional funding to UNRWA for the time being while UNRWA conducts an investigation into the matter and considers measures to address the allegations.”

Japan has also urged the UNRWA to investigate the allegations thoroughly and take necessary measures to improve its governance. 

It's worth mentioning that the United Kingdom has joined the United States in stopping funding for the UN agency that provides aid to Palestinian refugees, after allegations of misconduct were made.  Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Finland have also suspended funding for the agency.