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Italy to Tighten Laws Against Illegal Migration

Mon 18 Sep 2023 | 11:13 PM
Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni
Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni
Israa Farhan

On Monday, Italy announced that it will take new measures to limit the influx of migrants, including creating more detention centers and extending the detention period for illegal migrants.

With the significant increase in the number of arrivals to the small Italian island of Lampedusa, where thousands were forced to sleep outdoors last week, the far-right government is seeking to find a solution to the crisis.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Georgia Meloni pledged to tighten laws, especially by extending the maximum period of detention for illegal immigrants from 135 days to 18 months.

“This means, and I am sending this very clear message to all of Africa, that if you hand over your fate to smugglers for violating Italian laws, you must know that when you arrive in Italy, you will be detained,” Meloni said in a television interview. Then he was deported.”

After arriving on Italy's shores, the vast majority of migrants are sent to reception centers distributed across the country, where they stay while their asylum applications are processed.

Migrants deemed expelled by Rome are transferred to detention centers for illegal aliens, of which there are nine in Italy, including Bari (south), Rome (center), and Milan (north).

According to the body supervising prisons, migrants spent an average of 40 days in these centers in 2022, and the maximum period of detention in Italy reached 18 months between 2011 and 2014 before it was reduced by the leftist government led by Matteo Renzi.