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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Israeli Siege Kills 400 Civilians at Al-Shifa Complex

Mon 01 Apr 2024 | 10:02 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

The Gaza Government Media Office reported on Monday that the Israeli military killed approximately 400 civilians during its siege of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surroundings. In a press statement, the office stated that the occupation forces had destroyed and burned down 32 hospitals in the Gaza Strip, rendering them out of service.

The governmental media body condemned the destruction of the Al-Shifa Complex, holding the occupation accountable. In an earlier statement, the media office declared that the occupation had committed crimes of arrest and torture against hundreds of patients, displaced persons, and medical staff within the vicinity of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

Engagement in Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing

It was mentioned that the Israeli military was still detaining 107 patients under inhumane conditions inside the Al-Shifa Complex, without water, medicine, food, or electricity. Among them are 30 disabled patients and about 60 medical staff members. All attempts by international institutions to evacuate these patients have been blocked, putting their lives at imminent risk.

The U.S. administration, the international community, some European countries, and the Israeli occupation were held fully responsible for participating and engaging in the genocide and ethnic cleansing executed by the Israeli military.

Israeli forces completely withdrew from the Al-Shifa Complex and its surroundings in western Gaza City early this morning, after a two-week operation. Eyewitnesses reported extensive devastation and destruction left by the occupation forces in the complex and its surroundings, with dozens of bodies found in the area.

Extensive Destruction at the Complex and Surrounding Buildings

Medical sources confirmed that the Al-Shifa Complex was completely out of service after its buildings were set ablaze, noting that the extent of destruction in the complex and surrounding buildings was vast.

The medical complex faced a wide Israeli aggression over the past 14 days, during which the occupation forces committed various forms of torture and crimes against patients, displaced individuals, and medical staff. Dozens were executed or arrested.

Testimonies from Al-Shifa Hospital revealed that patients' companions were executed, arrested, or forcibly displaced to the southern Gaza Strip under threats from the occupation.