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Israeli Forces Deploy AI Technologies in Gaza Amid Rising Civilian Toll

Sat 10 Feb 2024 | 09:36 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

In the face of significant setbacks on the ground since the onset of its offensive on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in an effort to gain a strategic advantage. 

Reports confirm that the IDF has, for the first time in the Gaza sector, deployed AI technologies.

Among the advanced tools being utilized is a smart scope technology developed by Smart Shooter, a company that has equipped weapons, including rifles and machine guns, with AI-enhanced targeting scopes. 

IDF spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, highlighted that these technologies are operational both above and below ground, primarily targeting drones used by Palestinian factions and mapping the intricate network of tunnels used by resistance movements in the area.

A senior Israeli official remarked that this technology could transform "every soldier into a sniper, even if they were blind," underscoring the significant enhancement in targeting capabilities.

The official further noted the use of AI-powered drones capable of covering distances over 500 km, capable of underground operation, tunnel penetration, and providing real-time visuals while maintaining communication.

Avi Hasson, head of the technology startup hub Start-Up Nation Central, pointed out that the Gaza offensive has seen the deployment of battlefield and medical technologies never used before. 

Mary Wareham, Arms Division director at Human Rights Watch, expressed to AFP the dire consequences of such advancements, stating, "We are facing the worst possible situation in terms of killings and sufferings, partly caused by this new technology."

The ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which began on October 7th, has resulted in 28,064 fatalities and 67,611 injuries, marking a significant toll on the civilian population. 

The integration of AI in military operations has sparked a debate over the ethical implications and the increased risk of civilian casualties in conflict zones.