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Netanyahu Dismisses Deputy, Vows to Bring Deri Back to Cabinet

Mon 23 Jan 2023 | 05:58 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Tens of thousands of Israelis of demonstrate against the policy of the Netanyahu government over the recent few days.

These protests came amid political disputes with a number of Netanyahu allies so the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was forced to comply with the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to dismiss the head of the “Shas” party of religious oriental Jews, Aryeh Deri, from his positions as Acting Minister and Minister of Interior and Health.

At the same time, Netanyahu pledged to seek to restore Deri to power "by legal means."

He accused the court and the opposition of obstructing his great national work to advance the peace process.

Netanyahu in his speech at the beginning of his government session had touched on the huge demonstrations against him and the disagreements with the “religious Zionist” bloc over the evacuation of the outpost near Nablus of Jewish settlers, because of which its ministers were absent from the session.

The weekly demonstrations against the Netanyahu government had expanded dramatically, on Saturday evening.

About 110,000 demonstrators participated in it in Tel Aviv, 7,000 in Haifa, 4,000 in Jerusalem, and 2,000 in Herzliya, Beersheba, and Modi'in.