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Israel: military operation in Rafah near Egyptian borders does not violate peace treaty

Wed 08 May 2024 | 05:11 PM
Basant Ahmed

Ofir Gendelman, the Arabic language spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Wednesday that Israel is aware of the sensitivity related to conducting a military operation near the Egyptian border, stressing that this operation does not violate at all the peace treaty concluded between the two sides.

Gendelman added in a press briefing that the operation conducted by the Israeli army at the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza will continue until Hamas is “eliminated” and hostages in the Strip are released.

He added: "Our forces continue their limited military operations at the Rafah crossing, which has been used by Hamas for many years to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip," noting that the army killed 20 Hamas militants in the vicinity of the crossing.

Regarding the indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas and the mediation efforts, Gendelman said that Hamas’ proposal regarding negotiations to release hostages “is very far from our principles and positions.”