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Israel Creates Buffer Zone within Palestinian Territory

Sun 04 Feb 2024 | 01:49 PM
Israeli army
Israeli army
Ahmed Emam

The Israeli army, which is currently occupying Gaza, has been demolishing buildings in an effort to create a buffer zone within the Palestinian territory. This has caused concern regarding the impact on civilians.

Although not officially confirmed by Israel, the plan seems to involve taking a significant portion of land from the already small Gaza Strip, a move that has been cautioned against by experts and Israel's foreign allies.

According to Adi Ben Nun, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who has analyzed satellite imagery, Israeli forces have been targeting structures within one kilometer (0.6 miles) of the border in Gaza since October 7.

Ben Nun revealed that nearly 30 percent of all buildings in that area had been totally demolished during the war.

In January, the Israeli occupation army's deadliest day since the ground invasion began in late October offered a glimpse of the tactics being used to clear the border area.

Israeli army chief Herzi Halevi stated at the time that 21 reservists were killed "during a defensive operation in the area separating the Israeli settlements from Gaza" to allow for Israeli residents' "safe return".