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IFWM Exposes 2019 Fashion Trends [Video]

Fri 08 Mar 2019 | 07:37 AM
Taarek Refaat

By: Taarek Refaat

ROME, Mar. 7 (SEE)- Along with Paris, London, and New York, the Italian city of Milan, is the world's most influential fashion capital. Since the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Milan has been the main hub of fashion industry influencing the world's latest trends.

"Most of the major fashion brands are based in Milan, including Armani, Bottega Veneta, Luxottica, Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg, Moschino, Valentino, Versace, Zanotti, Prada," Fashion Journalist Ahmed Adel said.

Organizers of International Fashion Week (IFW) Opulence Events Dubai LLC launched its extraordinary event at the luxurious Melia Milano Hotel in Italy. The show reveals the autumn/winter collection in February/March of each year.

Several designers were provided with an opportunity to display their latest collection of haute couture, party wear, ready to wear, caftans, bridals, and high-end jackets during the fashion week. Up to ten Italian designers along with a line-up of international designers were among the participants.

The event was attended by prominent media such as Italia TV, Excellence Magazine Luxury Italy, President of ASSOMODA Italy Massimo Costa and other prominent guests from the fashion industry.

Italian singer Donato Colagero inaugurated the event with an amazing performance of his latest singles. The opening designer was haute couture designer Jasha Atelier, whose collection was startling. Moroccan Salima El-Boussouni presented her beautiful yet sophisticating Caftan collection on the tunes of singer Sarah B.

The third show was from a team of two amazing Italian designers. Sofia Alemani presented her ready to wear collection and Giusy Donni revealed her high-end jewelry collection.

Meanwhile, Sicilian Ivana Todara exposed her bridal collection, offering a wide selection of wedding dresses from the best designs, followed by another Italian brand Scalzi and Pareati, who showcased a ready-to-wear tailored collection.

Anna from Pasquy Atelier BluSahel revealed her high-end Collection on the ramp, constructing it by hand from start to finish. Her collection was wondrous and mesmerized one and all.

The last collection was presented by Pietro Paradisco, who displayed comfortable yet stylish caftans along with high-end jewelry designer Re-Mida. The Closing show was arranged by none other than American Rock Starr, whose unisex collection and leather jackets thrilled the audience.

Elihair Agency along with Pablo Gin Cagne and Hana Balbanand led the hair and makeup team.

Participation certificates were awarded to all the designers and partners, who contributed to the success of the show.

Founder & Managing Director of the show Cheryle Dias said that she is always trying her best towards encouraging new fashion designers, who inspire the world with the latest trends.

"We aim at bringing fashion, technology, and business together under one platform, and to give an opportunity to innovative and talented emerging designers to start their career from our stage," she added.

"There is a PR value in brand assets driving an AED 1.5 Billion industry," she noted.

The organizers were overwhelmed with the support they received from everyone including the designers, and models, some of whom traveled from countries like USA, Bulgaria, and Tunisia, including Miss European and African Look 2018, Rahma Segni.

The next IFWM event is scheduled for September 22.


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