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Iconic French Singer Marcel Amont Passes away at 93

Fri 10 Mar 2023 | 12:39 AM
Rana Atef

Iconic French singer Marcel Amont, who is known for different hits such as "Bleu, blanc, blond", passed away at the age of 93 years old, his family said on Wednesday.

The whimsical showman, who had a more than 70-year-old career, died at his home in Saint-Cloud, on the outskirts of Paris, the family added.

Born on April 1, 1929, in Bordeaux, Amont moved to Paris in 1950, starting to make a good name and success for himself.

He released his first record In 1956 and received a Grand Prix from the Academie Charles-Cros. He was the opener for Edith Piaf's performance at the Olympia.

Amont had a small role with Brigitte Bardot in "The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful" movie, and his film career was not shining as his musical once. 

The 1970s marked the climax of his career as he received a gold record in 1971 and starred in a TV show.

In 2019, Amont celebrated his 90th birthday on stage at a concert with artists such as Serge Lama and Nicoletta.