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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Google Unveils New Chrome Update to Fix Zero-day Vulnerability

Sun 27 Nov 2022 | 07:25 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Google pushed an emergency update for the Chrome web browser to fix another zero-day vulnerability that has been misused by attackers since 2022.

The new update called this high-severity flaw CVE-2022-4135. The tech giant indicated that this vulnerability is a heap buffer overflow in GPU which was recently discovered by a member of the company’s Threat Analysis Group.

Google affirmed that it is aware that an exploit for CVE-2022-4135 exists. Nonetheless, the company has withheld specific details about the security flaw to prevent its exploitation.

Recently, Google started testing emoji reactions for the RCS-enabled chat on its Messages app on Android.

The new feature allowed some beta users to react with seven emojis by long pressing on an RCS-enabled chat on Messages. Meanwhile, the app is allowing some users to access all the available emojis for message reactions.

As per 9to5Google, the feature has been rolled out with the latest beta and is not widely available yet.

The tech giant tested read indicators along with a new design for the photo picker on its Messages app.

With the latest beta update, a “plus” icon was added to the emoji reaction panel. Once clicking this icon, you can bring up the full emoji picker which will be organized by category.