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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Gold prices decrease by EGP 280 last week

Sun 03 Mar 2024 | 06:31 PM
Basant Ahmed - Walid Farouk

Gold prices decreased in local markets by 9.2% during the last week’s trading. 

Amir Rizk, a member of the Gold Division, said that gold prices decreased by 280 pounds during last week’s trading, as the price of a gram of 21 karat gold recorded 2,770 pounds, while gold prices on the global stock market rose by 47 dollars, recording 2,082 dollars.

He added that a gram of 24 karat gold recorded 3,166 pounds, a gram of 18 karat gold recorded 2,374 pounds, while a gram of 14 karat gold recorded about 1,847 pounds, and a gold pound recorded about 22,160 pounds.