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Mai El Hadi’s, A Doctor Turned Jewlery Designer

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Sat 04 Feb 2023 | 04:03 PM
Walid Farouk

Arts and crafts were Mai’s, 35, hobbies when she was growing up. At school, she spent most of her time at the school’s art workshop. She never developed her passion for arts any further as she considered it just a hobby, which she completely abandoned after she went to medical school.

During her last years in college, she felt she wanted to go back to her art hobbies and develop them. She started a small jewelry business and marketed her products to friends and family. The business grew and everybody encouraged her to continue. She continued her business while in college until she graduated in 2011. She took time off and to work on her master's.

Working in the medical field wasn't fulfilling enough and she missed designing jewelry, a source of her happiness. She studied jewelry making at Azza Fahmy’s Jewelry Design School. This was the changing point in her life. She took leave without pay from work to study more the art of jewelry design. She enrolled in several courses at Azza Fahmy’s school. She also studied jewelry design at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, until she mastered the craft.

Mai started her Facebook page to market her products, which she designs and manufactures herself. Her hobby became her source of income. She quit her job as a doctor to focus on growing her brand.