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Global Energy Leaders to Come Together at Egypes in Cairo to Address Energies of the Future

Mon 29 Jan 2024 | 04:18 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

Held under the Patronage of His Excellency Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and hosted by the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES) will be held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC) from Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 February. Under the theme of ‘Driving Energy Transition, Security and Decarbonisation.’, the event is taking place as the destination to convene energy and related industries to align on the lower-carbon, high-growth future of energy.

EGYPES builds on its annual legacy of global collaboration to showcase and platform the cutting-edge technologies and systems critical to achieving global energy transition. Companies from across the energy ecosystem will showcase the innovations and technologies driving the industry’s journey to net-zero, including direct air capture (DAC), carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), green hydrogen electrolysers, power-to-x, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Set to unlock tangible investment opportunities in Egypt’s lucrative energy market, EGYPES 2024 is set to unite primary stakeholders to play critical roles in the region’s upcoming projects worth more than $1 billion in the oil and natural gas sector in the Western Desert region of Egypt.

During the official Press Conference held on 28 January 2024 at the new administrative Capital, His Excellency Tarek El Molla, Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, underscored EGYPES's transformative role in the regional energy landscape, stating that this year's edition of the event is presenting itself in a new light after transforming from a petroleum-focused platform to a comprehensive one that covers all variables of the energy industry. The aim is to be more inclusive of current global trends in the energy industry, such as energy transition, reducing emissions, decarbonizing the petroleum and gas industry, and hydrogen production. El Molla explained that this positive shift in the conference aligns with the global interest in energy transition and emissions reduction. This is especially true after Egypt's successful organization of the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh COP27, as well as the Egyptian State's national commitments and plans in these areas and the importance of all elements of energy integration in a single system.

El Molla explained, "We are simultaneously working on several approaches to reduce emissions from petroleum and gas production, as well as industrial and transformative operations within the petroleum sector. One of the most crucial factors in achieving this goal is promoting energy efficiency. To that end, we have undertaken a project to modernise the petroleum sector and all related departments in our companies. We aim to translate our business strategy into successful projects that reduce emissions, encourage heat recovery, and utilise gas flaring to generate a positive return.’’

El Molla emphasized that Egypt has great potential in the hydrogen industry, thanks to its strategic location between producing and consuming countries. Hydrogen has been used in the petroleum sector for some time, particularly in the petrochemical and refining industries. However, now there is a focus on low-carbon hydrogen, natural gas, decarbonisation, and clean fuel conversion, as part of the global effort to find alternatives to traditional fuels and embrace renewable energy. The National Hydrogen Council has recommended and decided to expand its activities to other important sectors, such as the Suez Canal Economic Zone and the Sovereign Fund, to encourage and stimulate investment in this area. Numerous sectors, including petroleum and electricity, are involved in such activities. With the existence of the National Hydrogen Council there is a system of governance for this activity and reliable data and how it is used and the export targets and contracts to be signed. He added that the memorandums of understanding signed at the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Summit prior to last year are currently being worked on the implementation steps to turn them into final investment contracts and implement their projects.

The Minister highlighted that the conference is a global platform for the petroleum and gas sector to showcase our most significant contributions to the industry's development, investment plans, business strategies, and opportunities that we will implement in the future to support energy transition and reduce emissions. The Minister also expressed gratitude to Egypt's international partners for supporting the conference and collaborating with Egypt, saying,'' They believed in the significance of being present and working with Egypt to promote energy transition and joint efforts to overcome this stage and encourage attractive opportunities in Egypt.''

Also in attendance, Christopher Hudson, President Energy, dmg events (organiser) remarked on the invaluable exchange in store in February, unveiling what’s in store at this year’s senior-level opening ceremony, “ The stage is set at EGYPES 2024 to drive real conversation for Africa and the Mediterranean on energy dialogue of global significance; the Opening Ceremony will engage prominent global ministers, CEOs and industry executives from the world’s largest energy and service provider companies on geopolitical and global economies, energy transition, and the next generation of energy ecosystems, with special importance on the role of Egypt in shaping in the energies of our future”.

In light of the pressing imperative of addressing net-zero agendas, EGYPES 2024 will delve into the formidable challenges and opportunities inherent in achieving profound carbon reductions. The conference will champion influential thought leadership on accelerating the transition to sustainable energy production, with a focus on decarbonisation and methane reduction strategies. As the energy transition continues to materialise, industry players will steer this journey as champions of change, actively promoting decarbonisation initiatives and delivering a secure and equitable energy supply for all.

As the cornerstone for global energy dialogue for Africa and the Mediterranean, the EGYPES 2024 Conferences will set the tone for influential thought leadership on accelerating the transition to sustainable energy production, with a focus on decarbonisation and methane reduction strategies. As the energy transition continues to materialise, industry players will steer this journey as champions of change, actively promoting initiatives and delivering a secure and equitable energy supply for all. As the industry continues to pivot from traditional operations and business models to next generation energy ecosystems, shoring up short and long-term global energy supply, demand and security dynamics, the multi-faceted Conference programme will spotlight the urgency to deliver energy security and accelerating actions to decarbonise to meet net-zero commitments, driving change, strategically and technically, regionally and globally.

EGYPES 2024 boasts a lineup of high-profile industry leaders, stakeholders, and government officials including His Excellency Tarek EI Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Arab Republic of Egypt; HE Dr Saleh A. Al Kharabsheh, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; HE George Papanastasiou, Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Cyprus; HE Pedro Rafael Tellechea Ruiz, Minister of Popular Power for Petroleum, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and President, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA); Rt Hon Ekperikpe Ekpo, Minister of State (Gas) Petroleum Resources, Federal Republic of Nigeria; HE Antonio Oburu Ondo, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Equatorial Guinea; HE Dr Walid Fayad, Minister of Energy and Water, Lebanon; HE Francisco da Costa Monteiro, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste; Dr Amani Abou-Zeid, Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy & Digitalisation, African Union; Ditte Juul Jørgensen, Director General for Energy, European Commission.

The Strategic Conference will welcome international thought leadership on future energy strategies and a deep dive on the industry issues at the top of government and organisational agendas. Against the backdrop of pressing environmental concerns and the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Sustainability in Energy Conference will convene industry leaders to explore the latest developments in clean energy and the strategies required to accelerate net-zero targets by 2050. Addressing financial mechanisms and capital market tools to support future energy systems, the Finance and Investment in Energy Conference will bring together energy leaders, sustainable finance experts, and climate professionals to address the economic uncertainties facing global economies. The Equality in Energy Conference will unite global industry experts, including organisational change management, inclusion, and sustainability leaders, driving discussions on how talent strategy is becoming a paramount priority in shaping a people-centred energy future.

New for 2024, EGYPES is also poised to host the inaugural African Dialogue Conference, bringing together influential African stakeholders, including government officials, financial institutions, economists, and energy thought leaders. Experts will address critical challenges related to policies, regulations, natural gas infrastructure development, and Africa’s potential to leverage its abundant energy resources for a more prosperous and sustainable energy future.

Expanding into new horizons, EGYPES 2024 will additionally feature the inaugural CLIMATECH Challenge, inviting energy start-ups to pitch resilient business models and innovations. This initiative aims to expedite regional adaptations, underscoring the vital role of climate technology in advancing toward a decarbonised future and highlighting undiscovered energy entrepreneurs.

The multi-faceted Conference programme, 300+ energy change makers will set the scene for shared perspectives that will pave the way for collective effort, embracing diverse roadmaps and comprehensive solutions toward energy transition and energy systems of the future.

At the heart of this year’s exhibition is the newly introduced Future Energy Zone & Theatre, an immersive experience designed to present a competitive showcase of energy innovations. Leaving no aspect of energy transition unexplored, the Zone promises to be a game-changer for exhibitors and visitors alike. With a specialised focus on decarbonisation, hydrogen, digitalisation, and alternative energy, the Future Energy Zone & Theatre will also facilitate discussions on the regional implications of emerging industry advancements and the roles of both small and large entities in shaping the future of energy for Egypt, the region, and the global energy economy.

In compliments to the overarching theme of EGYPES 2024, the Energy Awards will take centre stage, honouring energy leaders making headlines from around the world, whose contributions have been instrumental in advancing the global energy landscape towards achieving net-zero emissions and enabling transformational change for people, organisations and economies.

Inspiring the next generation of energy trailblazers, the Young Professionals programme runs across 3-action packed days to step into the energy limelight and ignite career pathways to connect directly with international energy influencers in an effort to inspire and equip young professionals for successful careers in fair working environments. We encourage you to participate and make early introductions to your portfolios and share the career opportunities you are ready to offer new talent.

To facilitate exclusive networking opportunities, the Energy Club will continue to elevate EGYPES 2024 as a private membership club lounge, where industry veterans and C-suite leaders can connect and explore critical partnerships for the future. Serving as the destination for all energy stakeholders, the Energy Club will set the stage for signing agreements and MOUs, executive meetings, and media-free networking enabling energy negotiations and decisions of national and global significance.

As the countdown to EGYPES 2024 comes to a close and the global energy map continues to be redrawn, EGYPES stand at the crossroads of progress, and signal new horizons for Africa and the Mediterranean nations to emerge as architects of change.

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