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Get to Know 2023 Christmas Decor Trends

Thu 07 Dec 2023 | 11:32 PM
Christmas Decorations, Santa - File Photo
Christmas Decorations, Santa - File Photo
Rana Atef

With December, people start to search for the greatest and funniest Christmas decor to bring the spirit of the holiday to your home. The Christmas decor trends start to gain more variety whether in styles, colors, or material. 

House Beautiful website reviewed the top 2023 Christmas decor ideas to 'tis the season.

According to the website, the classic red and green colors will always be an essential part of the spirit of the season, however, those colors welcomed more trends to add more warmth to the hearts.

However, this year started to see a wider employment for glass in the Christmas decorations. According to Ashley Macuga.

She said: "Glass inherently is a demonstration of effortless elegance. As an art form, it plays with reflection more than any other medium—enhancing and refracting the light produced from Christmas tree lights and warm taper candles, which are mainstays of traditional holiday decor."

Macuga added: "The transparency of glass provides a weightless contrast to the heaviness of more ornate decor often used to adorn coffee tables and banisters. We also love the delicate shapes, translucent colors, and handmade textures of artfully created glass ornaments…adding touches of magic to anywhere that it is placed,"

The usage of metallics, especially brass and chrome is among the 2023 Christmas decor trends.

Bethany Adams said: "Brass and chrome decor will have staying power beyond the holiday season—simply change up the styling. A spray of holly in a brass vase can easily be swapped out for cherry blossoms come spring."

Regarding the use of color, Macuga highlighted: "The use of color…like blush, which is undoubtedly warm and looks beautiful when combined with the traditional gold, silver, and jeweled tones of the season," adding: "It's a stark contrast to the cool, chilly temperatures of the outdoors."

Minimalism style also topped 2023 Christmas decor trends. "This year I foresee a more understated use of decor. Less bold 'green and red' combos and more muted greenery along with moody neutrals," according to Laura Williams.

The jewel-tone glassware was also featured in the 2023 Christmas decor trends. Adam explained: "Rich jewel tones: burgundy, teal, emerald, and luxe metals are in this holiday season. Glassware is a great way to embrace the trend. While it feels festive, it's also an investment you'll use all winter long."