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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

France Calls for Strengthening EU Defense

Mon 29 Apr 2024 | 07:14 PM
Israa Farhan

France's Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné emphasized on Sunday the importance of bolstering European defense cooperation, describing it as a "second life insurance policy" alongside NATO.

In an interview with the German daily newspaper "Die Welt," Séjourné called for greater harmonization of weapon systems at the European level, stressing that this should complement rather than compete with NATO.

Séjourné highlighted the need for Europe to develop its strategic autonomy and independence, particularly in light of concerns about the US commitment to NATO in the event of a potential re-election of former President Donald Trump.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently urged Europe to adopt a credible defensive strategy and reduce reliance on the United States. Macron plans to seek proposals from European partners on this matter in the coming months.

Séjourné affirmed that France and Germany share a responsibility to set goals and act decisively in strengthening European defense capabilities.

Regarding differences between France and Germany in air defense, Séjourné noted Germany's pursuit of its "European Sky Shield" initiative. 

While Germany seeks to procure missiles from abroad, France emphasizes the importance of European equipment in the long run.

The French foreign minister cautioned against dependency on external sources, warning that such reliance could lead to future challenges for Europe's defense.