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Fes...And 9th UNAOC Global Forum

Sun 20 Nov 2022 | 03:07 PM
Abdelhak Azzouzi
Abdelhak Azzouzi
Dr. Abdelhak Azzouzi

Fes will host the 9th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) on November 22, and 23, with the participation of several international figures, decision-makers, representatives of international civil society, thinkers, experts, and university professors.

Previously, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General and the High Representative of UNAOC Miguel Ángel Moratinos thanked King Mohamed VI for his approval to host this significant important international event.

He asserted that UN Secretary-General António Guterres will participate in the event.

Selecting Morocco, and Fes is not by chance. The city was selected for hosting the 9th Global Forum of UNAOC due to its combination of civilizations, and cultures, in addition, it is an eternal destination for various nations which helped in establishing a one and unified humanitarian family, and mutual collective house.

Based on the different angles of the forum that would gather more than 1000 figures, I am among those who will participate in it, there are borders that Globalization shouldn't cancel.

These borders allow us to move from one culture to another and teach us that there is not only one language but different languages. They also tell us that the universality of the human being is symbolized in every special matter. So, this rich variety should be preserved such as precious human possessions.

Human places are not only materialistic or geographic but also spiritual. Every person defines his dignity according to those places wherever he is

Through these fields also international peace is formed and it defines the fates of the nations and the forgiveness between people and regions.

Based on that, we don't have dialogue for one culture to be victorious over another, to country takeover others, or to achieve a political ambition over others' ambitions.

We need dialogue in order to organize the humanitarian variety with its forms and interests, a dialogue to organize mutual concepts to unify mutual achievements, and to preserve the mutual humanitarian destiny, for honest work to preserve the holy principles, humanity's unity, its mutual interest, the sacredness of human's dignity and his possessions, justice, peace, nature, human's mind, freedom, food, health, and education.

Whatever the kind of civilization is: African, Islamic, Western, or other, it is a result of the sequence of different nations, and races that belong to various civilizations. They all gather in one stream in the same direction for creating a civilization. So, it is not linked to a certain race, or people, although it belongs to a nation or a geographical nation in the world to define it.

Regardless of being a symbol of identity, subjectivity, or a feature of a nation or people, civilization is a pot for different cultures with different origins and sources. They were combined and melted together to form the features of civilization. It reflects the humanitarian spirit with its manifestations and principles that are mutual between different sources.

The dialogue could not be between civilizations and cultures, but between the representatives of those civilizations and cultures. Because they are moral entities.

People who belong to those cultures and civilizations can set a dialogue with each other.

Each generation carries the culture and civilization based on their upbringing in their countries.

Contributed by Rana Atef