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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

EU, China Seek to Overcome Differences

Mon 06 May 2024 | 11:09 PM
Israa Farhan

Upon landing at Orly Airport in France, Chinese President Xi Jinping promptly conveyed a message to the host country, emphasizing his intent to fortify Sino-French relations.

He lauded them as an exemplary model for international cooperation, showcasing peaceful coexistence despite differing social systems.

The People's Daily, representing the Chinese Communist Party, echoed this sentiment, affirming China's commitment to enhancing communication and coordination with the European Union (EU) to intensify cooperation and resolve conflicts through dialogue.

Since the inaugural meeting hosted by the Élysée Palace, attended by French President Emmanuel Macron, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the trio has underscored their desire for collaboration.

They acknowledge the positives while confronting political, strategic, and economic challenges.

Macron, speaking at the live-streamed meeting from the Élysée Palace, emphasized the camaraderie and trust characterizing the discussions, focusing on shared interests and concerns.

He stressed the urgency for Sino-European dialogue in the current international climate, as the world faces pivotal challenges.

Macron called on President Xi Jinping to play a decisive role in coordinating efforts, particularly regarding significant global crises such as those in Ukraine and Gaza.

Addressing trade disputes, French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire cautioned that the French-Chinese economic relationship is imbalanced, with France experiencing a substantial trade deficit in favor of China.

Macron praised the convergence between France and China, highlighting their ability to achieve tangible results.

He outlined the agenda, covering trade, market access, fair competition, investment, and balanced development, with future discussions planned on crises like those in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Macron underscored the importance of continued balanced relations with China for the future of Europe.