Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Erdogan Set to Visit Egypt to Reboot Ties

Wed 31 Jan 2024 | 11:16 PM

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is set to visit Egypt next month to restore ties that have been fractured for over a decade.

Talks between Erdogan and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi are anticipated to concentrate on providing aid shipments for Palestinians in Gaza and exploring measures to bring an end to the ongoing conflict, according to the report.

During the discussions, Erdogan is expected to address ways to enhance bilateral trade between the two nations, along with potential agreements related to demarcating energy lines in the eastern Mediterranean.

In addition to efforts related to the Gaza conflict, Ankara has been collaborating with Cairo since the October 7 attack by Hamas to encourage Israel and the Palestinian groups governing the Gaza Strip to agree to a ceasefire.