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Egyptian Engineers Invent Book of Human Body as 3D Model

Mon 14 Jan 2019 | 10:41 PM
Wafaa Fayez

By: Wafaa Fayez

CAIRO, Jan. 14 (SEE)- Imagina Books are series of Educational

Augmented Reality books that blends between the classical book reading

experience and the recent technology, Augmented Reality, that boosts

visualization and Imagination leading to better understanding, more enjoyable

and a better hands-on experience for our kids. The book and the mobile

application are the two pillars of this experience.


human body, a first book, is a complete gamified journey inside the human body.

Now, children can explore all their body organs and functions with an

interactive augmented reality experience. All what they have to do is point

their tablets and mobile phones to the book and leave the rest for their


 When they point

their phones at any page in the book, the body organ showed on the page will

come to life as a 3D model on the screen of your phone or tablet

“our main focus while designing the book was two things; making sure that the book was attractive to children, and that it has a substantial amount of science on its own without the application. Why? Because in the digital age, printed books are almost forgotten and neglected.” Hesham Hosni, Co-Founder at Livit Studios said. Adding “ we’re embracing it and giving it a technological kick with the AR app. The design of the book took a lot of iterations to get to what we have now. The book was designed from the ground up to be an augmented reality book.” 

Hosni referred to the

final book came out in the shape that will serve their  goal; a carefully designed hardcover book that

shows what the future of books and education can be when efficiently using

technology. He explained that the 3D games

include levels and achievement goals to help the learner develop a sense of

competition among his peers and friends.

This “gamification” process is one of the main aspects of the

learning process that they are working hard to deliver. He said that their team

started 3 years ago, working on new technologies to digitize and revolutionize

education. They create VR/AR educational applications, driven by our admiration

for new technology and our belief in the importance of education.

Their  vision is to revolutionize STEM education

using the breathtaking environments of the VR and AR technologies. The team

have been working on VR and AR to try out new techniques of learning, and 1

year later they started working on Imagina Books. They thought that most kids

are very entertained with the new technology so why not integrate it into


Most of the team is

graduated from faculty of engineering – Cairo University - with major Computer

and Communications engineering. During their kick starter campaign (crowd funding)

which is offering the product as pre-order before it is produced to support the

product to expand.

 They sold the book to more than 10 different

countries including: UAE, USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, UK, Egypt, SAE,

Japan, France, Turkey and Germany. The product grabbed the attention of a

well-known technology websites (globally) who wrote about imagina books.

As a result  the team got the chance to receive requests

from international educators to know more about Imagina books. This means they

are delivering a product that meets the international standards world-wide. On

the local market, when they launched Imagina books at Virgin Megastores, people

from different backgrounds where very supportive and some of them were

interested to buy the product to their children including parents, teachers,

technology enthusiasts.

Finally, Hosni said that nothing compares to the joy they felt when people were fascinated by the product. Many customers were surprised when they got to know that Imagina Books is an Egyptian product. Their encouragement to keep up the good work was really inspiring. “I'd like to thank all those who supported us back when Imagina Books was just an Idea! Starting from the kickstarter campaign to the support at Virgin.” He added.

In the following links, you can see how this book works.