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Egypt Warns of Risks of a Potential Israeli Military Operation in Palestinian Rafah

Mon 06 May 2024 | 04:28 PM
Egypt Foreign Ministry Headquarters
Egypt Foreign Ministry Headquarters
By Ahmad El-Assasy

Egypt has issued a stark warning about the dangers of a possible Israeli military operation in the Palestinian Rafah area, located in the southern Gaza. 

In a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, Egypt expressed concerns over the humanitarian risks of such an escalation, which threatens over one million Palestinians residing in the area.

The Egyptian government has urged Israel to exercise maximum restraint and to avoid further escalation during this particularly sensitive time in the ceasefire negotiation process, in order to prevent further bloodshed among Palestinian civilians facing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster since the onset of the conflict in Gaza.

Furthermore, Egypt reaffirmed its commitment to continuous communication with all parties involved to prevent the situation from worsening or spiraling out of control.

This plea comes amidst heightened tensions and ongoing efforts to secure peace in the region, as Egypt continues to play a pivotal role in mediating conflicts in the Middle East.