Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Rejects Sending Arab or Joint Troops to Gaza

Sun 31 Mar 2024 | 11:50 PM

In a significant announcement, a prominent Egyptian official declared Cairo's refusal to deploy Arab forces or joint troops to the Gaza Strip, emphasizing Egypt's belief in the Palestinians' right to determine the region's future.

Quoted by Sky News Arabia on Saturday, the source asserted that any initiative to dispatch Arab or joint forces to Gaza was deemed unacceptable.

"The proposed solution by Egypt entails the reinstatement of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, along with bolstering its capabilities to fulfill its responsibilities," the source elaborated.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Resistance Alliance, comprised of various factions, issued a statement on Saturday vehemently opposing Israel's suggestion to involve Arab forces in administering Gaza.

Issued via the Hamas movement, the factions cautioned against the perils of embracing such proposals, labeling them as new ploys by Israel to ensnare Arab nations into furthering its agenda following its setbacks in Gaza.

"The collaboration between the US and certain Arab entities seeks to mitigate the significant blow suffered by the occupation forces in Gaza," the statement warned.

Asserting the resilience and determination of the Palestinian people, the statement underscored their ability to select their own leaders and institutions to govern Gaza and safeguard its national sovereignty.

Furthermore, the statement condemned all Israeli-American endeavors and their regional affiliates aimed at subverting the Palestinian people's autonomy and decision-making prowess.