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Kim Kardashian pays £160K for diamond crucifix worn by Princess Diana


Thu 19 Jan 2023 | 05:14 PM
Walid Farouk

Kim Kardashian has turned Indiana Jones and is digging up fashion relics all over the world to add to her collection, all the while outrunning the massive stone boulder that is the fashion police.

A huge, amethyst-encrusted Attallah cross pendant, once worn by Princess Diana, for the reasonable sum of £160,000.

The Attallah cross was listed at Sotheby’s Royal & Noble sale on Wednesday (January 18) and was part of a bidding war among four bidders during the final five minutes of the sale.

The highest bidder, who pledged £163,800, turned out to be a representative of Kardashian, according to the auction house.

The cross, which was made in the 1920s by luxury jewellery designer Garrard, was worn by Princess Diana multiple times, including to a 1987 charity gala in London, where she was photographed with the chain adorning her neck. Between the bouffant hair and the dangling cross, it was all a bit George Michael.

The Attallah cross is encrusted with diamonds alongside its amethyst centrepiece, giving it a diamond weight of around 5.25 carats. It gets its name from businessman Naim Attallah, who acquired it from Garrard, but loaned it to Princess Diana on many occasions.