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Russia's AGD Recovers 52 carat Diamond


Thu 01 Feb 2024 | 05:37 PM
Waleed Farouk

Sanctioned Russian miner AGD Diamonds has announced its first "extra large" recovery of 2024 - a 52.47 carat gem quality diamond.

AGD produces diamonds from the Grib diamond pipe - named after Russian geologist Vladimir Grib - 130km from Arkhangelsk, in north-west Russia.

Its Belgium-based subsidiary, Grib Diamonds, was also sanctioned when the US responded to the invasion of Ukraine.

AGD, Russia's second biggest diamond miner after Alrosa, said the stone was the 43rd extra-large diamond (+50 cm) since the mine began commercial production in 2014. It described it as octahedron with a light lemon yellow color.

"We will definitely give a name to it; we name all large diamonds," the miner told Russian news agency Tass.