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Death Toll from Russia's Military Jet Crash Rises to 13

Death tall in Yeysk fighter jet crash in Russia rises to 13

Tue 18 Oct 2022 | 11:44 PM
Israa Farhan

The death toll from the crash of a fighter jet in a residential building courtyard in the southern Russian city of Yeysk has risen to 13, including 3 children, while 19 others were wounded.

"Rescuers have completed clearing the debris. Ten bodies were found during rescue activities, which brings the total number of deaths to 13 people, including three children. Nineteen people were injured in the emergency situation," the ministry’s representative said.

The source said that the Rescue efforts enabled the rescue of 68 people, adding that more than 360 people were evacuated.

A Su-34 fighter bomber crashed in Yeysk during a training flight from a military airport late on October 17 after one of its engines caught fire, causing a massive fire that engulfed a nine-story building where about 600 people lived. The pilots were fired.

The Kremlin told state news agency TASS that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been informed of the fire and ordered "to provide all necessary assistance to the victims of the military plane accident."

"At the site of the Sukhoi Su-34 crash, in the courtyard of a residential area, the aircraft's fuel caught fire," the ministry of defense said.