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Death Toll from Blast in Pakistan Mosque rises to 101

Wed 01 Feb 2023 | 04:45 PM
Mosque Blast in Pakistan (Reuters)
Mosque Blast in Pakistan (Reuters)
Basant Ahmed

The death toll from the suicide attack that took place on Monday at a mosque in Peshawar rose to 101 on Wednesday after another person died of his wounds, while the police announced that large arrests had been made following the bombing. 

In addition, 59 injured people are receiving treatment in hospitals eight of them are in critical condition.

Noteworthy, Al-Azhar Ash-Sharif expresses deep condemnation of the despicable terrorist bombing that targeted worshipers in a mosque in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan, during the noon prayer. 

Al-Azhar also confirms that attacking the safe worshipers and the houses of prayer, violating their sanctity, and turning them into a killing field, is a despicable criminal and terrorist act, a sort of corruption and mischief in earth. This is committed only by the misguiding and misguided person who are devoid of the religious, moral and humane values. They seek to spread fear and terror among people. So, all heavenly laws have nothing to do with this cowardly act.