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Cyprus calls on international community to condemn deadly attack on WCK

Tue 02 Apr 2024 | 01:52 PM
Basant Ahmed

The international community must condemn the deadly attack on World Central Kitchen organization and the unjust loss of lives, Cyprus Government Spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis said on Tuesday.

The Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza strip left at least seven people working for WCK dead and the NGO said that it is suspending all humanitarian operations in Gaza.

Letymbiotis told the press that there needs to be a re-coordination of the humanitarian corridor initiative from Larnaka port in Cyprus.

The Spokesperson described the death of civilians, especially workers who were distributing aid, as absolutely reprehensible and in violation of international humanitarian law.

Replying to a question if Cyprus will protest the attack to Israel, he said that we must wait for the circumstances under which the incident happened to be fully investigated, adding that there will be developments within the day.

He said that they are in contact with the WCK and international partners not only to express support, but also to coordinate and investigate in depth the conditions under which the incident took place.

Replying to another question the Spokesperson said that the humanitarian initiative from Larnaka is not affected, however there needs to be some coordination and secure that all conditions are safe.