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China Rejects Allegations Made in US Congress TikTok

Fri 24 Mar 2023 | 03:17 PM
Israa Farhan

On Friday, Beijing rejected allegations that private companies in China were forced to disclose personal data from other countries.

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in China said companies and individuals have never had to transmit data or intelligence information from other countries, adding that this would not change in the future.

"The US administration has not provided any evidence that TikTok threatens the national security of the United States, the spokeswoman explained.

She pointed out that such allegations had been brought up time and time again, putting the company under disproportionate pressure.

The official called on the US to respect the principles of market economy and competition.

The Democratic and Republican representatives showed a rare unity, that the measures taken by the social networking company to secure the data of its American customers are insufficient.