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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

China Allocates $4.22 Mln for Rebuilding Areas Affected by Landslide

Mon 29 Jan 2024 | 08:56 PM
Israa Farhan

The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, the country's largest economic planning agency, has announced the allocation of 30 million yuan (about USD 4.22 million) to support the reconstruction of infrastructure and the restoration of essential public services in areas affected by a landslide in Yunnan province in southwestern China.

According to China's state news agency, Xinhua, local authorities in China have confirmed that the death toll resulting from the landslide in Liangshui village, Chenshui Township, has risen to 44 people following the conclusion of search and rescue operations at the site.

The landslide occurred on January 22nd, resulting in casualties and property losses. A total of 918 individuals from 223 families were evacuated to other locations starting from last Thursday, as reported by local authorities.

China's swift response to the disaster reflects its commitment to addressing natural disasters and providing relief to affected communities.

The allocation of funds for reconstruction underscores the government's dedication to rebuilding the affected areas and restoring normalcy to the lives of those impacted.

The disaster serves as a reminder of the challenges posed by natural events in various regions and the importance of preparedness and recovery efforts.

As the affected communities work towards recovery, the support provided by the government will play a vital role in rebuilding and restoring stability.

China's commitment to disaster management and recovery efforts is a testament to its dedication to the well-being and safety of its citizens.