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Cairo University Clock Tower Represents Significant Landmark at University

Mon 12 Nov 2018 | 01:44 PM
Mai Shaheen

By: Mai Shaheen

CAIRO, Nov. 12 (SEE) - For 81 years, Cairo University clock tower had witnessed remarkable events in Egypt's history including revolutions, protests, and ceremonies. Your eyes have to see it when you enter Cairo University as it is the main university's landmark there.


The 40-meter high tower includes five copper bells; four bells are small and one is big. The tower's engineers are the same who built London's Big Ben as they installed the clock at the top of the tower like Big Ben.

The clock is connected to the Egyptian radio since it was established in 1937.

Mohamed Saeed Abdullah, an engineer at the university's engineering department, told SEE that the tower has been developed as more four flashlights had been installed in the clock with a total power of 4000 watts in addition to 20 yellow light bulbs to enlighten the clock's glass.

"The new updates of the clock included that the clock beats every quarter of an hour 4 beats, and every half hour beats 8 beats. Every hour, the number of the clock's ringtones depends on the time it refers to, such as if it was 2 pm, the clock will ring twice," Abdullah added.

"Maintainance of the clock occurs every three months," he noted, adding that all the clock components are English.

The clock malfunctioned three times since 1937, the first time in 1967, the second one in 1993, and the third time was in 1994.