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Cairo Book Fair 2024: Check CIBF Date, Ticket Prices, Other Details

Mon 05 Feb 2024 | 08:23 PM
Ahmed Emam

The 55th edition of the Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF) is one of the important events in the publishing world. 

This year's edition features huge discounts of up to 70%. The fair offers books for 3 LE, 5 LE, and a set of books for 20 LE.

To overcome logistical challenges, the 55th edition of  CIBF offered a range of services, including book delivery via the Egyptian Post to any location. The aim was to ensure that the fair's books were accessible to everyone and to promote cultural justice by spreading books evenly across all governorates.

The fair management also provided special paths for the elderly and those with special needs, and rest areas for the general public. Additionally, the Ministry of Culture organized trips to the book fair for young people in rural areas and Haya Karima (Decent Life) villages, in order to expose them to the various cultural experiences available at the fair.

In the digital age, all the fair's books were available online, and customers could purchase them using the multiple payment services provided by the fair. The CIBF played a vital role in promoting cultural exchange and was a major cultural event for Egypt and the region, attracting visitors from all over the world.

During the fair, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevine El-Kilani, and the Venezuelan Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, signed a cultural cooperation protocol. The protocol aimed to promote cultural exchange and cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including literature, art, music, theater, cinema, and the media. 

It also included provisions for the exchange of cultural delegations, the translation of books and other cultural works, and the organization of joint cultural events.

The fair included a range of cultural events, including a performance by the Venezuelan National Symphony Orchestra. Over 50 Venezuelan publishers and authors participated in the fair, making it a strong representation of Venezuela's cultural offerings.

The 55th edition of the fair faced the challenge of preserving the Egyptian identity and reflecting Egypt's rich history and culture, which dates back thousands of years. To achieve this, the CIBF chose eminent Egyptologist Dr. Selim Hassan as the main character of the fair, paying tribute to all Egyptian archaeologists. This choice reflects the state's vision that culture and antiquities are the main soft powers. Dr. Hassan left a great legacy and established the importance of preserving Egypt's identity and heritage.

The CIBF also chose Egyptian writer Yachoub El Sharony, one of the pioneers of children's literature in the Arab world, as the personality of the year at the children's exhibition. El Sharony's literary works were inspired by Egyptian folklore, and he enriched the Arab library with hundreds of children's works, leaving a lasting impact on the conscience of every Egyptian and Arab child.