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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Burundian FM Confirms Support for Egypt's Rights, Water Interests in GERD File

Fri 22 Mar 2024 | 10:05 PM
Taarek Refaat

Burundian Foreign Minister Albert Shingiro affirmed his country's support for Egypt's water rights and interests in the Renaissance Dam file, and Burundi's full understanding of the issue of water security that represents an existential priority for the Egyptian people.

This came during a meeting between Ambassador Amira Abdel Rahim, Ambassador of Egypt to the Republic of Burundi, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burundi, where bilateral relations between the two countries were discussed.

During the meeting, the Egyptian Ambassador praised the good relations between Egypt and Burundi, expressing her aspiration to work with Burundian officials to enhance cooperation in various fields.

She stressed interest in mutual support before regional and international forums, and in permanent consultation and cooperation on regional and international issues of common interest, as well as on water diplomacy, reviewing Egypt’s position on the issue of water security.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated - on its official page Friday - that the Burundian Foreign Minister pointed to the historical relations that unite the two countries, and Burundi’s continued support for Egypt in all regional and international forums.