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Boeing Starliner1st Crewed Flight Delayed Over Technical Issues

Tue 07 May 2024 | 12:08 PM
Rana Atef

Boeing's Starliner space-craft launching test was canceled for at least 24 hours due to technical issues.

The latest flight was called off at least two hours before the end of the countdown as the capsule stood atop an Atlas V rocket at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida

Two years after its unmanned journey to the International Space Station (ISS), Boeing's widened its ambition and started a new tab new Starliner astronaut capsule for its first crewed test flight on Monday.

Boeing's Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner spacecraft is designed to carry seven passengers, or a combination of crew and cargo, for journeys to low-Earth orbit.

NASA astronauts Barry "Butch" Wilmore, 61, a retired U.S. Navy captain, and Sunita "Suni" Williams, 58, a former Navy aviator and test pilot were the members of the expected mission.