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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Blinken Vows to Escalate Sanctions on Russia

Thu 28 Apr 2022 | 03:15 PM
NaDa Mustafa

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the United States will continue to impose sanctions on Russia in the coming weeks as long as its operation in Ukraine does not stop.

“We will continue to impose sanctions in the coming weeks as long as Russia does not stop (in Ukraine),” Blinken said, in statements during a Senate hearing, reported by the US newspaper “The Hill”.

Moreover, he stressed that the State Department is working with the Departments of Justice and Treasury to figure out how to effectively freeze and confiscate Russian assets.

It is worth mentioning that White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed on Tuesday that the US administration continues to review sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin over the war in Ukraine.

In press statements to (Al-Hurra) TV channel, Psaki said that sanctions have already been imposed on the Russian President’s inner circle, including his daughters.

“No one is safe from our sanctions, and we have already imposed sanctions on Putin, his daughters and those closest to him, and we will continue to review more,” the White House spokeswoman added.