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Bipartisan Support for House Resolution H.Res.100: A Call for a Democratic and Secular Iran

Fri 10 Mar 2023 | 10:59 AM
Jalal Arani

A Decisive Response to Iranian Regime's Disinformation Campaign: US House of Representatives Supports Iranian Struggle for Democracy

In a historic move, the US House of Representatives has presented House bipartisan Resolution 100 to support the democratic struggle of the Iranian people. This resolution, which calls for a free and democratic Iran based on the separation of religion and state, has gained majority bi-partisan support in the House.

Congressman Tom McClintock (R-TX) announced that "House Resolution 100... is now co-sponsored by an absolute majority of the House of Representatives." The Iranian people have been struggling for a free and democratic Iran for years, and the resolution demonstrates that the Members of Congress stand with them in their fight. The Iranian regime has responded to this resolution with anger and disinformation campaigns, which only underscores the urgency of this matter.

Representative Tom McClintock and Congressman Brad Sherman have played a leading role in tabling the resolution, which has been commended by Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an umbrella group of Iranian opposition organizations.

Ms. Rajavi recognized the House majority members who stood on the side of the Iranian people and offered a sound policy on Iran. She stated that the House Majority support for this resolution is the decisive response of the US House of Representatives to the Iranian regime and its disinformation campaign to hinder support for the Iranian Resistance and people's uprising.

She added, the Iranian regime has been at an impasse since the start of the uprising six months ago. Despite killing and imprisoning Iranian citizens, the regime has neither the intent nor the capability to offer any solutions. Instead, the mullahs have only resorted to more torture, execution, and repression.

The Resistance Units, a group of Iranian citizens who have been working tirelessly to bring about change in Iran, are being brutally suppressed. However, they continue to work towards a free and democratic Iran where people can enjoy the freedom to express themselves and live their lives without fear of repression.

Ms. Rajavi also highlighted the Iranian people's opposition to all forms of dictatorship. The Iranian people have shown in the past six months that they reject any form of dictatorship, be it the Shah’s dictatorship or mullahs’ theocracy, and are willing to pay the price to achieve freedom.

This resolution is a strong message to the Iranian regime that the world is watching, and the international community will not stand idly by as the regime continues to violate the basic human rights of its citizens. The US House of Representatives is committed to supporting the Iranian people in their fight for a free and democratic Iran.

On International Women's Day, Ms. Rajavi congratulated everyone rising up for freedom and equality and all those struggling for the elimination of unjust discrimination against women. She praised Iranian women who have been forerunners for change and rely on decades of heroic sacrifices of women in the Iranian Resistance who seek to liberate the entire Iranian nation.

This resolution is not only a message to the Iranian regime but also to the international community, especially the West, to stop the policy of appeasement and hold the Iranian regime accountable for its crimes. The Iranian people have suffered under the regime's disastrous economic policies and corruption, and the continued silence of the West has allowed the regime to evade accountability.