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Biden Pledges to Help Countries Affected by Climate Change

Tue 15 Nov 2022 | 01:28 PM
US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden
Israa Farhan

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden delivered a speech during his participation in the G20 summit, which is held this year in Bali.

Biden said his country is investing $15 billion in Africa on energy transitions, noting that he has invested in infrastructure projects in the US to bring the internet and digital services to everyone.

He also pledged to raise $20 billion to help Indonesia reduce its use of coal and turn to alternative energies.

Biden pointed out that it must be ensured that the transition to clean energy in the future is something that all countries of the world will benefit from.

On Tuesday, November 15, the G20 Summit, which is hosted this year in Bali, Indonesia, kicked off on Tuesday.

The leaders of the 20 largest economies in the world are meeting to discuss many of the pivotal files that occupy the world during the current period, including the economic recession and the Ukraine war, which left two unprecedented energy and food crises.

The summit will witness the presence of UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, along with Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The summit witnessed a number of meetings held on the sidelines, including the historic meeting between Biden and Xi.