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Biden: USA Won't Provide F-16 Fighters to Ukraine

Tue 31 Jan 2023 | 11:23 AM
US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden
Ahmed Moamar

US President Joe Biden, said that the United States of America (USA) will not provide "F-16" fighters to Ukraine.

Earlier, Hussein Meshik, a correspondent for "Cairo News Channel " from Moscow, said that Russia wants the West to recognize the Russian lands and Crimea and to neutralize and disarm Ukraine, and if these things are achieved, Russia will stop the military operation immediately.

And he added that Russia confirms that it is always ready to conduct peace negotiations with the Western countries, especially the USA.

Meshik pointed out that Western support for Kiev through the supply of weapons and escalation against Moscow as well as the delivery of long-range missiles and aircraft to the Ukrainian forces may end talk of any future peace negotiations between the two sides.